Surgery means taking responsibility for a person and it is therefore a matter of special trust and experience.

We at Swiss Surgery have set ourselves the goal of bringing together some of the leading and most experienced surgeons in Switzerland, who are among the best in their respective fields, as an interdisciplinary team for the benefit of our patients.

Whether an operation is required on the liver, pancreas, kidney or urinary organs, lungs or heart, the specialists working here are internationally recognised experts.

Patients who entrust themselves to us can expect the highest human and professional competence.

We cordially welcome patients of all insurance classes!

Your Swiss Surgery Team

Mission Statement

Our members are leading operative physicians in their respective fields of expertise with an outstanding national and international reputation.

All key physicians at Swiss Surgery are academically qualified (habilitation or equivalent qualification) and have published outstanding scientific papers.

All members are committed to the best possible care of the patients entrusted to them, regardless of their insurance status.

Members of Swiss Surgery also make their expertise available for charitable purposes or foundations serving the general public in Switzerland and abroad.

The specialists brought together at Swiss Surgery work closely together in interdisciplinary boards according to the latest scientific guidelines in order to make the best possible decision for your patients.

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