Operative gynecology

In Switzerland, over 2000 women develop gynecological tumors every year, and around 750 women die from it, too high a number that need not be. Centralization or specialization has so far only been demanded hesitantly across the board by politicians; unfortunately, patients lack transparency about high-quality care. You can therefore experience the best possible treatment, but also a dubious one.

These diseases include, in order of frequency, uterine lining cancer (endometrial cancer), ovarian cancer (ovarian cancer), cervical cancer (cervical cancer), cancer of the external genitalia including the labia (vulvar cancer), cancer of the vagina and numerous very rare types of cancer, which in total are not that rare. The types of cancer all have in common that they occur in a taboo area, but are quite different in their effects, therapy and prognosis and are examined more closely in the member area.

If you have any questions about gynecological cancers or would like a second opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your specialist:

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Günthert

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