Help for little Ayodh — Support now

Tuesday April 28th, 2020 - Blog Charity

In summer 2019 Swiss Surgery got to know Liyanage Poorna Chalanga De Silva in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. He explained...


Swiss Spine Foundation — our vision & our mission

Monday February 17th, 2020 - Blog Charity

Vision & Mission The goal of this foundation is the promotion and education of young physicians in the area...


EurAsia Heart – A Swiss Medical Foundation

Monday February 17th, 2020 - Blog Charity

Cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death in developing and emerging countries, both in adults and children....


Human First — The dramatic life of little Nathaly

Tuesday January 7th, 2020 - Blog Charity

At first glance, five year old Nathaly from Georgia is a normal girl: she loves dolls and is bursting...


Honorary Doctorate for Prof. Jan Schmidt

Monday January 6th, 2020 - Blog Charity

Between 1998 and 2008, 8 young doctors from Klausenburg, Romania were trained at the University Hospital of Heidelberg. This...


Scientific and clinical transfer to Lithuania

Sunday January 5th, 2020 - Blog Charity

Between 2000 and 2008, Lithuania sent 6 young doctors to be educated both scientifically and clinically. This resulted in...


Transplants in children and adolescents in Georgia

Saturday January 4th, 2020 - Blog Charity

Since 2003, several trips were made to Tiflis, Georgia to perform living kidney transplants in children and adolescents. Although...


Liver and pancreas surgery and living liver transplants in Egypt

Friday January 3rd, 2020 - Blog Charity

Hepatitis C is a big problem in Egypt. 12 million egyptians are infected. This caused an alarming number of...


Complex liver and pancreas surgery in Cairo, Egypt

Thursday January 2nd, 2020 - Blog Charity

An institute founded by German doctor Theodor Bilharz lies in Gizeh, close to the Pyramids, and treats patients without...


First living kidney transplant in the Kosovo

Wednesday January 1st, 2020 - Blog Charity

In 2007, a team in Pristina led by Prof. Schmidt performed the first ever living kidney transplant in the...


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