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Prof. Dr. med. Martin Spahn


Personally performed operations (as of 2019) : 366


The urethra is the bladders connection to the outside world. Moving through the penis, it averages around 20 centimetres in a man. Its main task is the drainage of urine und the transport of sperms during ejaculation.

Surgery in the area of the urethra are mostly due to scarred constrictions. Those are rarely innate, yet they often appear as consequences of injuries or inflammation. When a constriction emerges, it is possible to expand the urethra using a so-called urethrotomian slit (urethrotomia). However, the longer the stricture the worse the results. Hence, constrictions, which are longer than one centimetre should be treated with a so-called open urethral reconstruction.

The method of surgery is dependent on the localisation and length of the stricture. Mostly, oral mucosa from the lower lip or cheek is used and sewn in to expand the urethra. In more complex situations or after multiple operations, it is sometimes necessary to reconstruct the urethra in a two-part operation, using skin transplants.



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