Swiss Surgery Charity Campaign – Menna

Menna is a 7-year-old girl from the Nile-Delta in Egypt, growing up in poor conditions with two sisters and a brother. Menna’s father is a day labourer, with a monthly income of less than 100.- CHF. Her mother had a brain tumour and, as a result of surgery, is almost blind and therefore, is not able to further support the family.

When Menna was 2 years old, she came to Dr. Mohammed El-Skeikh and Dr. Khalid. She got diagnosed with a rare form of inborn, severe, chronic pancreatitis, which caused constant terrible pain and led to pancreatic insufficiency. Consequently, she would not grow sufficiently and her thriving was heavily impaired.

Since, Prof. Dr. Jan Schmidt, Swiss Surgery, Zurich, Switzerland, has been working for many years in the Nile-Delta for charity-medical work, he had been consulted upon this case. After careful workup, it appeared that the only solution for her problem was the removal of the fibrotic and scarred pancreatic head. An operation such as this, had never been performed in a small child in Egypt before.

In 2017, Dr. Mohammed El-Skeikh, Dr. Khalid and Prof. Schmidt performed the complex operation in Tanta, University hospital, a non-profit, public hospital.

After the surgery, Menna’s condition improved markedly. The pain-syndrome was completely abolished and she was slowly gaining weight from 17kg (age 5) to 24kg (age 7).

However, she still suffers a severe lack of enzymes and struggles with weight-gaining and growth-problems, despite her being a bright and lively girl.

What Menna needs for the coming years, is a long-term medication called ‘Kreon’, a special formula containing pancreatic enzymes, which is not available in Egypt. Additionally, her family can hardly afford food, not to mention simply money for education.

We want to fund Menna’s medication, nutrition and education. Together, we can create a better future and give her life a promising perspective.

Let’s make little Menna smile again. Thank you for your support:


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