Dear patients and relatives, dear colleagues,

I would like to welcome you to Swiss Surgery, a network of internationally recognised experts! Our multidisciplinary surgical cooperation enables the best possible surgical treatment of complex oncological and vascular diseases in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines, yet individually tailored.

In contrast to other regions of the body, neurovascular diseases and brain tumors have a special feature: they affect the organ which is the centre of our perception, consciousness, thinking, feeling and behaviour. Accordingly, my goal always is to achieve the best operative result, gently and safely while at the same time putting the least possible strain on the patients. This is made possible by the consistent use of the latest minimally invasive techniques, both in the planning and in the execution of the operation. The advantages for the patients are significantly reduced risks, a shorter, less stressful recovery phase, the preservation of the quality of life and – if possible – a complete recovery from the operation.

After working at the Anatomical Institute in Budapest, the Neurosurgical University Clinic of Mainz and the University Hospital of Zurich, I established the Center for Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery at the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich in 2009. My surgical competence and many years of experience with innovative endoscopic treatment methods give my patients the certainty that they receive the best possible treatment.

We cordially welcome patients of all insurance classes!

I am at your disposal for further questions.

Prof. Robert Reisch