Merkel cell carcinoma

Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare skin cancer that belongs to neither group and typically occurs in old age. It is a still a matter of dispute whether this tumor originate from Merkel cells which are involved in signaling touch sensation in the skin. Even though this tumor is often found on the head and upper extremities, it has, in contrast to other tumors described here, hardly any causal connection with the sun, but rather with the so-called Merkel cell carcinoma polyoma virus. A Merkel cell carcinoma presents itself as a violaceous, bluish lump which usually grows quickly. Due to its high aggressiveness with early formation of metastases and high likelihood of recurrences, rapid diagnosis and surgical treatment is crucial for the outcome.


With skin cancer, the first line therapy is the surgical removal of the respective tumor. Depending on the case, further interventions such as sentinel lymph node biopsy may be indicated. Together with my team, I will personally ensure that your treatment complies with the latest recommendations and guidelines and that you stay in the best of health.