Clinical activities and organizational functions

07/1992 Certificate of competence in rescue services
10/1992 – 11/1994 Emergency doctor assignments (approx. 300)
1997-2005 Head of the gastroenterological consultation hours and special consultation hours for chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases
July 1998 First laparoscopically assisted total colectomy and ileoanal pouch
July 1998 Laparoscopically assisted resections in Crohn’s disease
01-07.1998 – 30.09.2001 Head of Minimally Invasive Surgery
since 1998 Member of the Budget/DRG Commission
01.06.1999-30.09.2001 Transfusion Officer
February 1999 Minimally invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy
since 04/1999 Consultation Surgery clinic-wide
seit 01.10.2001 Vascular surgery on-call service
since 04/2000 Live Kidney transplantations
since 10/2001 Liver Transplant Call Service
July 2002 First living liver donation in Heidelberg
since 08/2002 kidney/pancreas transplantation
since 01.10.2001 Liver transplantation, establishment and coordination of living liver donation and split liver transplantation
since 01.04.2003 Renal and pancreatic transplantation Living kidney donation
since 01.07.2005 Head of the entire Visceral Organ Transplantation Department, introduction of new surgical procedures in Heidelberg
July 2004 First full-split liver transplantation in Heidelberg
April 2005 First liver transplantation in an infant in Heidelberg
January 2006 First living liver donation for a toddler in Heidelberg